Weather atrocities affect the condition of the products you are transporting and thus partnering us will save you from incurring losses. We have the best price rate for tarpaulins which cover consignments whilst on transit and also for covering your stocks. We take pride in our tarpaulins which have a grammage of at least 580g/m2 whilst other players in the industry are providing a grammage of 550g/m2.This means that our lightest tarpaulin will be more durable than other fellow organizations. Our highly skilled workforce manufactures according to your specification with weights up to 1 250g/m2. We make tarpaulins for all truck sizes and tailor made colours which suite your requirements, from 1 tonne to 30 tonnes . Our tarpaulins if handled  properly can last up to an excess of 8 years.We also have a varied durable range of cargo belts depending on the truck size and load type.